You are surfing an open platform to strengthen different entities around the world creating an international community for social and climate justice

This is OurSpace

Where everyone can be part of the space, can share items and know-how with the aim to strenghten people around the world, creating and international community for a social and climate justice.

1. What means "everyone"

Everyone who brings at least one content useful for building shared knowledge can join the space

2. Contents for the cause

No spam, no ads, non-manipulations, only what supports the cause described above.

3. Free knowledge takes orders from no one

The Space lives on liberal donations, sent by Internet users around the world. Therefore, no funder is able to direct its development and content.

4. Individualism free

No one is “master” of the entries he or she contributes to write. Each entry can always receive changes and improvements through new contributions from anyone who wishes to do so, in a choral and collective work.

5. Free does not mean ..

Does not mean that every contribution is acceptable; we are not an indiscriminate collection of information. We are here to edit an encyclopedia open for reference: not a newspaper, not a discussion forum, not a business directory, not a collection of resumes, or a showcase for essays and original research.

There is only one requirement:

the determination to collectively pursue a better future, locally and globally, for all.

Want to brainstorm with us?

On what you read, on some ideas, even on criticism: the platform is developed for everyone and so we are open to all points of view, yours included!