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Street Artist based in Italy. CIBO means food in Italian, I use food to spread tasty values.
CIBO (Italian for food) is a street art project born around 2008 with the purpose to fight rage and vandalism with tasty drawnings.
I use the power of art to erase every taste of hate from my city walls, in the hope of educating cities and citizens to respect each others.

Why food? In Italy, food embraces a huge part of our tradition, culture, and national pride but, most important of all, food means spending time with the people we love, sharing joy and happiness. I really believe that we can erase hate from our countries, that’s why I want to share with you this tasty project which hopefully becomes contagious and spicy enough to inspire other people, all over the world, to do the same thing using their own style and language.

I need your help to keep fighting against bitter and shortsighted ideologies: Help me to spread food against hate!

Location:Italy, Verona

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Last updated: Feb 2023


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