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OurSpace is an open research platform for mapping, enpower, and activate, an ecological and decentralized thinking.

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For enpower networks and people who fight for the right side of the future.

OurSpace welcomes everyone but not everything is possibile to post, only what could be useful for others.

It’s not a social, it’s a dynamic and shared library with a specific goal.

Because climate and social justice can’t wait anymore: it needs more and more people to get involved in.  From all points of views. 

People like you, people who wants to expand a collective knowledge with the aim of building a critic mass capable of a systemic change to a greener future. Do you want to contribute? Sign up now!

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An open platform of entities, resources, initiatives, for social and climate justice.

Contents have been carefully curated and organized, making it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

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Everyone can be part of the space sharing experiences, items and know-how

There is only one requirement:
the determination to collectively pursue a more inclusive and sustainable future